4 sept. 2015

The Art of Caricature with Jason Seiler - class 3 -4

The exercise for class 3 and 4 is about gray scale or value images, it took me a lot of time, i hope i got the tones right, and even if i didn't exaggerate that much i hope the portrait reflects the subject.

18 ago. 2015

The Art of Caricature with Jason Seiler - class 2

After lots of time practicing and trying to find balance between portrait and caricature this is Nancy Pelosi, y used part of class 3 to use values.

Here are the sketches :

3 ago. 2015

The Art of Caricature with Jason Seiler - class 1

So this was the first week assignment. My objective with this class is more than caricature, learn form caricature to do awesome portraits.

First part was to sketch some citizens, while i was watching the class i draw my own version of the model (i forgot the name of all of them :S) then proceed with the citizens, after watching the feddback of other students, i realize that i should spent less time on each drawing and explore more options. Il try that for the next assignment.

Then i made some studies of Kim Jong un and proceed to take the one i liked the most, spent more time refining some things, exaggerating less to focus more in the geometry of his head and working more on his features.

That's all for the first class, im pretty happy with the results and expect to keep learning and improving :) 

25 abr. 2015

Un presente de y para Rébecca Dautremer

Hoy fuimos a la feria del libro y viendo libros de Rébecca Dautremer nos encontramos con la genial noticia, de que iba a firmar y hacer una ilustración para las primeras 20  personas.

Así que visitamos lo que teníamos que visitar, almorzamos y mi novia y yo nos quedamos desde las 2 de la tarde haciendo fila, aquí dos fotos (de no muy buena calidad) de lo que recibí :)

y el pequeño presente que  le di a cambio :)


2 abr. 2015

12 mar. 2015